Creating projects

How to create the projects you'll track time for in Timeneye

Setting an hourly rate for a project

For those who bill by the hour, set a rate for the project and let Timeneye calculate the totals amount you should bill your client.

Creating a project budget

How to create an hourly budget for your projects. Set the budget and know how much project budget you've used.

Project status view

Monitor projects, budgets and costs with Timeneye. See the project status all in one place.

Phases and Phase Categories

Project phases VS Phase categories: how do they differ in Timeneye?

Managing phases

Easy project phase management in Timeneye. Bulk edit phases and set the same phases for all projects.

Editing Projects

Editing the projects details and rates you have set in Timeneye.

How to archive/restore a project

How to archive/restore an inactive project in Timeneye without losing your data

How to delete a project

How to manage your account and delete inactive Timeneye projects

Assigning a Project to a Client

Client management in Timeneye: track time for your clients