Creating a new report

Create time reports to audit your and your team's time. Project report, User report, Group Report, Client report, Billable report, Custom report

Projects report

Know how much time, effort and budget you spend on a project

Member Report (Team or Me)

Know on what you and your team have been spending the time

Group Report

Audit your users' time by user groups

Phase categories Report

Know how you've allocated your time across different projects

Clients Report

A report that shows you which client is taking most of your time

Billable hours report

How to check how many billable hours you have already billed your client

Custom report

Create a time reports with exactly the data you need

Exporting Reports To PDF Or CSV

Download each of your time report to PDF or CSV

Saving a report as "Favorite"

Keep your time audits consistent with the Timeneye "favorite" reporting option

Creating a Report of Your Time Entries

How to export a detailed time sheet (list of time entries) from Timeneye

How to schedule reports

Automate your time audits by scheduling your Timeneye reports

Tag and Tag lists Reports

You can classify your time using tags, then run reports to see exactly how much time you have tracked for each tag.